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Salman Khan Family details Biography

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is one of the king khans in Bollywood industry. He had many blockbusters in his film career. He was always in news due to many rumours like affair with Aishwarya, Katrina etc. He was even charged under criminal law alleging hunting a wild animal and even drink and drive. But still there are millions of fans dying to meet him. He became a real hero when he shifted his attention from girls to humanity, he is helping many underprivileged people through NGOs like “Being Human” etc.

Salim Khan [Salman Khan’s Father]

Salim Khan was born 24 November 1935. He was an actor and Scriptwriter for bollywood movies but now he is retired due to his health problems.

Salma Khan [Salman’s mother]

Salim Khan married Salma Khan in 1964 and the couple have four children together Salman Khan born in 1965, Arbaaz Khan born in 1967, Sohail Khan born in 1970 and Alvira Khan.

Helen [Salman’s step mother]

Helen Jairag Richardson was born in 1939 in Burma. She was an Indian film actress and popularly known for her item number dances. Salim Khan also married Helen in 1981 and they adopted a daughter named Arpita khan.

Arbaaz Khan [Salman’s Brother]

Arbaaz Khan was on 4 August 1967. He is an actor and film producer. Arbaaz Khan made his bollywood debut in the 1996 film Daraar. He is younger brother of Salman Khan. He married Malaika Arora Khan an actress in 1998.

Sohail Khan [Salman’s Brother]

Sohail Khan was born on 20 Dec 1970. He is a bollywood actor director, writer and producer. He is the younger brother of actor Salman Khan. He ha his own film production called Sohail Khan Productions. He married Seema Sachdev Khan and they have two children.

Alvira Khan Agnihotri [Salman’s sister]

She is younger sister of Salman Khan. She is married to Atul Agnihotri a bollywood actor and director. The couple have two children Ayaan and Alizeh.

Arpita Khan [Salman’s sister]

She is the youngest sister of Salman Khan.

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Salnam Khan and his family members.

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